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Samuel Adams Rebel IPA Lands In Hawaii

Samuel Adams Rebel IPA

Samuel Adams new Rebel IPA is available in Hawaii in bottles and draft starting today. This new West Coast style IPA is Samuel Adams boldest attempt to dive into the IPA craze.  Complete with new bolder graphics, sans the famous patriot, and bright red spray painted logo on the label, Rebel IPA is rolling out nationwide to thirsty IPA drinkers.

Rebel IPA is brewed with five different hops (Cascade, Simcoe, Centennial, Chinook, and Amarillo) and comes in at a relatively tame 45 IBUs. The lower IBUs were intentional as the brewers wanted to create an IPA that was less bitter and more drinkable than most West Coast examples of the style. Although the label touts this as a West Coast Style IPA, it is closer related to the highly sought after East Coast IPAs of Hill Farmstead and the Alchemist, as noted by the Boston Globe.  With less focus on the overall bittering units, Rebel IPA seeks to capture the full complex of flavors and aromas from the bouquet of hops used.

Rebel IPA is currently on draft at Buffalo Wild Wings and The Shack Mililani (look for the snazzy spray paint can tap handle). Six packs will be available statewide at all locations that sell Samuel Adams.


2 thoughts on “Samuel Adams Rebel IPA Lands In Hawaii

  1. This IPA is very tame and grossly underflavored. Definitely should not be compared to anything brewed by either Hill Farmstead, the Alchemist, or any non-domesticated craft brewery. Sam Adams fails once again to present an actual IPA. This should be relabelled an Overhopped Pale Ale at best. All that being said, I expect throngs of non-IPA drinking Sam Adams fans to fawn all over this resulting in an unfortunate commercial success. I guess the one advantage is that if you find yourself stuck in a bar that generally serves only Bud/BudLight/CoorLight/SamAdamsLager, they may now carry the Rebel, a slight, although markedly better beer.


  2. totally agree with the above comment. you cant even compare this beer to the alchemist. if its on tap with the usual Hawaii fare of bud lite, Heineken, etc i would definitely order it however marketing it as a west coast IPA is unfortunate. Not bad but definitely not even in the ballpark as far as good IPAs are concerned.


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