HI Beer Blast

Hawaii Beer Blast #60: Your Weekly Craft Beer Update

Hi Beer Blast

Welcome to the HI Beer Blast, your weekly guide to what’s new at Hawaii’s best craft beer bars, restaurants, brewpubs and more. You’ll also find info on local beer events. New blasts go out every week on Thursdays.

1. Real A Gastropub
New Beers:

  • Sierra Nevada Clown Car Gold
  • Sierra Nevada Ryeday the 13th
  • Sierra Nevada O’brother where aldo
  • Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2011
  • Sierra Nevada Barrel-aged Brandy Quad
  • Sierra Nevada Barrel-aged Ovila Saison
  • Ommegang Game of Thrones Fire and Blood (Bottles)
  • Ballast Point Big Eye IPA
  • Ballast Point Fathom IPL
  • Anchor Brekles Brown
  • Blanche De Bruxelles
  • Goose Island Matilda Belgian Strong Pale


Monday, April 21st is Sierra Nevada’s 4 course Beer Dinner
Tuesday, April 22nd Sierra Nevada TOTAL Tap Takeover with 29 Sierra Nevada Brews on Draft!

2. Murphy’s
New Beers:

  • Deschutes Brewing Mirror Mirror
  • Humboldt Brewing TBA by Facebook vote
  • Sierra Nevada Summerfest
  • Sierra Nevada Bigfoot


New Beers:

  • Ommegang Game of Thrones Fire and Blood Red Ale
  • Rogue Mom Hefeweizen Ale brewed with Rose Petals
  • Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA

4. Bar 35
Events: Wednesday, April 23rd – Beer U/Post-graduate. Each week a different theme and EIGHT different beers to be tasted. Andy Baker, Hawaii’s own encyclopedia of all things beer, is on hand to explain and enlighten. Tasting includes Chef Valentini’s pizza. Majority of tastings run $25 per person.

5. Whole Foods Kailua
New Beers:

  • Ommegang Game Of Thrones Fire and Blood Red
  • Deschutes Hope Henge 22oz and Fresh Squeezed IPA 6pks ( ETA Friday)
  • Humboldt Brewing Co. Red, IPA and Hemp Brown Ale
  • Petrus Bruin & Pale Ale
  • Ace Ciders Perry, Honey Crisp and Joker
  • Heretic Evil Cousin and Shallow Grave


Our 2 year anniversary is this Friday we will have Luau Style Food and  all local beers on tap….. Maui big Swell, Bikini Blonde and Mana Wheat. Also locally made Kona Black Sand Porter & Wailua Wheat.

6. Pint + Jigger
New Beers:

Deschutes Mirror Mirror Barely Wine 11.2%
Humboldt Red Nectar Ale 5.5%
Iron Fist Velvet Glove 9%
Rogue Yellow Snow IPA 6.5%
Humboldt Brown Hemp Ale 5.6%
AV Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout 6.9%
North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner 4.7%
Deschutes Red Chair North West Pale Ale 6.2%



We are excited to have Bill Carl, CERTIFIED CICERONE ®, with us on April 22nd (6-8PM) to present a fantastic lineup of sours as follows:


1809 Berliner Weisse (5.0%ABV*, RB 96**)
Mit Schuss (with a shot of sweet syrup), the way many Germans enjoy it.
Oudbeitje Lambic (6.0%ABV*, RB 94**)
A highly sought fruit lambic from Belgium surely to get a pucker.
Lindemans Gueze Cuvee Rene (5.5%ABV*, RB 98**)
Mixing the young with the old, it’s SOUR!
TBA – What good is a tasting without a little suspense? You’d better come to the event to find this out.
SURPRISE! – What’s better than a little suspense? More suspense. Believe me, you will NOT be disappointed with this 5th taster.


7. Kauai Beer Company
New Beers:

  • The “Unnamed Maibock” comes in at 6.9% and 22.8 IBUs. It’s a strong light colored bock with a heavy malt backbone. A little hoppier than a traditional bock. A big, but drinkable, spring lager.


Truck Stop Thursday 4/17 – we will have two new trucks! Trucking Delicious, and The Pie Lady! alongside Rafel’s Aloha Tacos. Bar is open 3-8pm and the Trucks arrive at 5pm.

We will also be involved in a Fermentation panel for Malama Kauai’s Earth day festival on 4/20

8. Bonzer Front
New Beers:

  • Humboldt nectar IPA
  • Humboldt Hemp Ale
  • Humboldt Red nectar ale
  • Widmer upheaval IPA
  • Heretic chocolate hazelnut porter


Beer tasting 4-26, 5p-7p (last fee taken 6:45)
6 brews
$9 members
$12 nonmembers

9. Liquor Collection
New Beers:

  • Game of Thrones: Fire and Blood red ale
  • Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA
  • Ommegang 3 Philosophers VINTAGE gift pack (2011, 2012, 2013)
  • North Coast Old Stock VINTAGE 2012
  • Smith and Forge Hard Cider

10. Brasserie Du Vin

Sierra Nevada Beer Dinner – Friday, April 25th, 6pm – $50 plus tax and gratuity – 545-1115

  • Sierra Nevada Summerfest
  • Sierra Nevada Single Hop IPA
  • Sierra Nevada Blindfold Black IPA
  • Sierra Nevada Wine Barrel-Aged Ovila Dubbel
  • Sierra Nevada Whiskey Barrel-Aged Bigfoot, Vintage 2013



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