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Knee Deep Brewing Is Coming To Hawaii

Knee Deep Brewing

I’m very excited to announce that Knee Deep Brewing will be distributed in Hawaii. This small brewery out of Auburn, CA (just East of Sacramento) has been putting out award winning beers since 2011 and makes some of my favorite hoppy beers. There primary focus is on producing IPAs including the highly sought after Simtra, an 11.2% triple IPA that is incredible well balanced for such a huge beer.

Knee Deep recently moved into a brand new 18,000 sq. ft. brewery and has seen incredible growth over the past 2 years. With the additional brewing capacity Knee Deep has been able to expand its distribution and add more beers to their line up. Be on the look out for the 22 ounce bottles of these new beers around May 10th.

Here’s a quick look at the beers that will be available in Hawaii (sorry – Midnight Hoppyness pictured above will not be available right now. It’s a great black rye IPA that hopefully we’ll get in the future.)

Knee Deep Brewing Citra Hawaii

Citra – A single IPA or Extra Pale Ale that clocks in at 7% abv. As the name suggests it’s loaded with a ton of Citra hops and has a very light crisp malt backbone. This is my personal favorite from Knee Deep.

Knee Deep Brewing Hoptologist Hawaii

Hoptologist – A big and bold 9% abv DIPA brewed with Cascade, Citra, Columbus, Magnum and Hersbrucker hops. Worthy of sharing, but crisp and dry enough to drink by yourself.

Knee Deep Brewing McCarthys Bane Hawaii

McCarthy’s Bane – I’ve actually never had this 8% Imperial Red Ale. Like most of Knee Deep’s beers, it is loaded with hops and has a touch of rye in the malt for some added spice and kick.

Knee Deep Brewing Simtra Hawaii

Simtra – The big daddy 11.25% abv triple IPA. Simcoe and Citra provide a huge hop punch both for aroma and flavor. Be careful with this one because it drinks way easier than an 11+% beer. There is plenty of soft biscuity malt with a very slight sweetness to match up to the huge hop bitterness and flavor. What makes this beer great is that it finishes clean with very little lingering bitterness on your palate.

Knee Deep Brewing Tanilla Hawaii

Tanilla – Yes, they do make some non-hoppy beers. Tanilla is a vanilla porter made with Tahitian vanilla beans. If you like vanilla then you’ll love Tanilla’s nose. This is a medium bodied porter which makes it slightly lighter in mouth and accentuates the vanilla and chocolate/coffee roast notes.


7 thoughts on “Knee Deep Brewing Is Coming To Hawaii

    • Hey JJFoodie. I’m going to call the distributor tomorrow to investigate a transfer to Maui. I’ll let you know what I find! Carrie – Whole Foods Beer Buyer


      • Thanks, Carrie! I appreciate it! I may give you a call in the next week or so to see what you have in your beer department…thanks!


      • Hi JJFoodie. So the word is that we can expect to receive the Knee Deep lineup by July. The distributor has applied for his Maui County licensing. Once he has the approval, shipping will commence immediately! We’ll also be able to to pick up Brews by Heretic Brewing Co. I send out a weekly email with all of our Craft news. If you’d like me to add you to the list, send me a note at See you in the aisle!


  1. Picked up the entire line-up from Liquor Collection over the weekend – surprised to see the McCarthy’s Bane nearly sold out! (I managed to grab the last bottle for now.)

    Really, REALLY good stuff, if the Citra is anything to go by. Am really excited to crack open this Simtra!


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  3. Hi JJFoodie. So, the word is…we can expect to receive the Knee Deep brews, as well as brews from Heretic Brewing Co. in July. The distributor has applied for Maui County Licensing and as soon as it’s approved, the beer will start to arrive. I send a weekly email with all of our Craft Beer News. If you’d like me to include you, drop me a note at See you in the aisle!


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