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Full Sail Brewing is Back in Hawaii

Full Sail Brewing Co. Logo Hawaii

Full Sail Brewing has begun distributing to Hawaii again after many years out of the market. Back in the 90’s, the pioneering Oregon brewery was widely distributed here, but eventually pulled out of the market. A lot has changed in the craft brewing world and in the Hawaii beer scene since then.

I consider Full Sail to be one of the classic American craft breweries, along with the likes of Sierra Nevada, Rogue, Anchor, etc., and many of their beers have shaped the beer landscape in the US. Beers like Amber and Classic IPA are clean, simple, perfectly executed and come from an era before the 100 IBU IPA was all the rage. In 2005, Full Sail created and released their line of Session beers that became instant hits and will be heavily featured here in Hawaii. Session beers are now super popular, but Full Sail was one of the first to recognize that there was a need for light, easy drinking yet full flavored beers. Over the past 11 years Full Sail has expand the Session line from a clean lager to include an IPA, Black lager, American Wheat, Cream Ale and even a winter Fest beer.

Full Sail Brewing Co. Session Lager Hawaii

Long time Full Sail employee, and former brewer, Barney Brennan is heading up sales in Hawaii for the company. Brennan recently relocated to Hawaii to raise his family and has been working with Paradise Beverages to secure placement of the brand. Full Sail will launch this week in all Foodland stores across the state.

“Full Sail is very excited to be working with Paradise Beverages and a huge thanks goes out to Thom Cornog for believing in the brand and taking action. The next critical thanks has to go out to Ed Treschuk and Foodland. Their commitment to support craft brewing, and our introduction to Hawaii, made it all happen.”

Here’s the full line up of beers that will be available at Foodland stores this week. Specialty and seasonal releases, like the Bourbon Wheatwine Ale and Slipknot IPA, will make appearances throughout the year as well.

Full Sail 6 packs:
Classic IPA
Blood Orange Wheat

Session 12 packs:
Premium Lager
Mashup (variety pack with 3 bottles each of Premium Lager, IPA, Wheat, and Cream Ale)

Full Sail Brewing Company Hawaii Foodland


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