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What I’m Drinking with Thom Cornog – Sales Manager Paradise Beverages

Thom Cornog Paradise Beverages

Thom Cornog at Paradise Beverages is responsible for a large portion of the craft beer that you and I drink on a regular basis…a very large portion. He’s another player in the craft beer industry that you’ll never meet and rarely gets any thanks for what they do. But what he does is important. Thom manages Paradise Beverages vast craft portfolio, which includes everything from Sierra Nevada and Ballast Point to Maui Brewing Company and Green Flash…to just name a few. He’s the guy who has to manage all of the inventory that is coming into the state. That’s a lot of shipping containers in and out every day and a lot of breweries to keep track of. If you ever see him out, make sure to thank him for doing what he does.

Here are two beers that Thom is enjoying right now.

Right now I’m drinking a Sierra Nevada Otra Vez. It’s the newest year round product from Sierra Nevada. At first I was shocked to see they were coming out with a Gose. It’s a great style of beer that is growing in popularity. As usual Sierra Nevada nailed it! I find it especially refreshing after completing yard work or coming back from the beach.

The next beer I’m loving right now is Deschutes Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale. I like the subtle citrus flavor – it’s not too much and it’s a finishes very smooth. I’m going to drink this with dinner tonight – Garlic Butter Salmon.


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