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Try These Five Hawaii Made Beers

Five Hawaii Beers You Need To Try

My first contributing article to Honolulu Magazine’s Biting Commentary was posted yesterday.  I’m excited to be sharing the world of craft beer with their readership and am looking forward to many fun new projects in the future.  The more people know about Hawaii’s craft beer scene the better, right?!

So I decided to focus on our local breweries for this first article and enlisted the help and guidance of some of Hawaii’s best beer minds.  They also happen to be the folks that are pushing to bring in more craft beer to the state.  Real’s Tony Raso, Humpy’s Bill Carl, Murphy’s Jonathan Schwalbenitz, The Feral Pig’s Dave Power and the original craft beer guru Doug Lamerson were gracious enough to lend me their thoughts on what locally made beers everyone should try.  This isn’t a top five list.  Rather, it’s an insightful guide to some of the wonderful locally made beers we have that you need to seek out and try.  This is just a starting point, as there are many more great beers from all of our breweries that you should try as well.

Explore and try new beers, it’s fun!  Check out the Five Hawaii Beers You Need To Try.


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