Tiny Bubbles

Tiny Bubbles: Hawaii Beer Reads for 6/01/13


Beer news from around the web that you need to read.

Star Advertiser- Talk about out of left field.  Honolulu radiation oncologist Paul DeMare, swooped in at the last minute to win the bid to purchase struggling Hawaii Nui Brewing.  What does the doctor have in mind for the Hilo based brewery he just spend $860,000 is the question on everyones mind.‬ http://bit.ly/10QkrNW

Eater – Even though craft beer consumption and love is exploding across the country, no one has been able to keep a craft beer focused television show on air.  Discovery tried with the Dogfish Head focused Brew Masters.  But that show never  finished it’s first season (here’s the final episode that never aired http://bit.ly/13c1tEM).  Well get ready for a new beer focused TV show from the soon to be launched Esquire network.  Brew Dogs will follow the crazy antics of James Watt and Martin Dickie, owners of the equally crazy Brew Dog Brewery.  http://bit.ly/147pbmC

Craft Brewing Business – San Diego based Ballast Point partnered up with Japanese brewery COEDO to brew a special East to West IPA.  The trans pacific IPA features brown rice, Meyer Lemon peel and Yuzu peel.  Lets see if the boys at Real can get a keg of this to Hawaii!  http://bit.ly/13c1SXJ

shouldidrinkthisfuckingbeer.com – Just click on the damn link and have fun.  http://bit.ly/19xA7wd

Drink Craft Beer – Craft Beer in a can or a bottle. Do you really care? Some people still haven’t jumped onto the can wagon, but is there really a difference?  Hell, you’re supposed to pour the beer into a glass anyway.  This dude took the time to compare the same beers packaged in a can and a bottle. http://bit.ly/17eFXU6


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