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Kauai Beer Company Opens With 2 Flagship Beers

Kauai is now home to two breweries with the soft opening of Kauai Beer Company in Lihue. That is pretty impressive considering the island has a total population of about 66,000. Compare that to Oahu, which has close to 1 Million, and doesn’t have a single brewery!

KBC started distributing it’s beers to local restaurants and bars in August and recently opened it’s tasting room in Lihue with limited hours. The tasting room is actually part of the unfinished brew pub that is still under construction. Head brewer Justin Guerber says “our thought was that since we have started brewing beer to distribute around the island, we would open up our unfinished space for people to stop by and check us out while we finish out the rest of the bar.”

Kauai Beer Company currently has two flagship beers available for tasting.

Black Limousine – Schwarzbier
Black Limo is all that its name implies, a smooth ride with style. What you have here isn’t anything you’ll be able to categorize quickly. One thing for certain, you’ll be circling around the block for another…soon. Light bodied, dar color with ruby highlights. Complex toffee, caramel and coffee up front, roasty finish, just enough hops to round it out. 4.5% ABV – 28.3 IBU

Lihu’e Lager- Helles Lager
This is exactly what a session beer is supposed to be: crisp, refreshing and not inclined to talk back to you. Grab one after work or at the beach…and why not another? You know you want it. The light side of medium body, pale straw color, clean lager finish, simple, but choice malts, with a faint hop aroma. 4.4% ABV – 17.5 IBU

The tasting room is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 12pm to 6pm. Growlers are available to purchase and visitors are welcomed to hang out and relax. “We’re still under construction, but we have some beer to serve, so why not come by and try it out? No food, no frills, just some tables and chairs and cold beer,” notes Guerber.

Sounds like everything you need for a good time to me! Also be on the look out for KBC’s beer around the island of Kauai.

For more information visit Kauai Beer Company on Facebook.

Kauai Beer Company Beers


11 thoughts on “Kauai Beer Company Opens With 2 Flagship Beers

  1. Isn’t Pacific Breach brewed on O’ahu or did they close too? I noticed their Facebook page hasn’t had updates in a couple of months.


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