Tiny Bubbles

Tiny Bubbles: Hawaii Beer Reads for 8/20/14


My picks of beer news from around the web that you need to read and my two cents on the topics.  Most of the time it’s Hawaii beer news topics, but every once in a while you’ll find other general beer related topics.

Beer Advocate Magazine – Our very own Kauai Beer Company is featured in the August issue of Beer Advocate magazine. Portland based writer, Pete Dunlop, does a great job highlighting the Lihue based brewery that has supplying Kauai with great beer since September. You can pick up a digital subscription to the magazine on Google Play. http://bit.ly/1pfYDel

Honolulu Star Advertiser – If you couldn’t already tell from my post last week that I was very excited about Logsdon Farmhouse Ales coming to Hawaii, here’s a bit more reading for you. Seriously, their beer is great…I’ve had all of them, multiple times.  http://bit.ly/1oSStBy

Honolulu Magazine – The Hale Aina awards are back and for the second straight year there is a beer category! Go vote for your favorite beer program and your favorite bar food. http://bit.ly/1Azo5Pv

Hawaii Magazine – Yes, vote and pick your favorite place award. All votes are write ins so you can nominate any spot you’d like. Scroll all the way to the bottom to vote for your favorite craft beer pub, favorite gastropub (bar that has killer food) and best Hawaii made liquor or spirit. http://bit.ly/1liq5bv

Beervanabuzz – This is Pete Dunlop’s blog (you might remember him from a few lines up as the guy who authored the piece on Kauai Beer Company for BA…) Shaker pints have always been a pet peeve for me (I’ll admit, I have a lot of peeves.) Yes, they are not a true pint and it is very misleading when an establishment lists the pour as 16oz and you really only get 12 or 13. If they fill it to the top, then your getting a bad pour with no head (you lose either way). I don’t have a huge issue with the pour size thing. Rather I personally think they are just horrible glasses to drink anything from, not just beer. It’s a good read, even if you disagree with me. http://bit.ly/1s16Hy0


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