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Logsdon Farmhouse Ales Hawaii Bound

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales

UPDATE 9/15/14 – Bottles and draft have arrived in the state. Should be at your favorite beer shop this week.

UPDATE 8/15/14- Arrival date will be late August or early September with the following beers: Kili Wit, Seizoen, Seizoen Bretta, Oak Age Bretta and Straffe Drieling.

Sure there are two hurricanes headed straight for Hawaii and today is IPA day, but I’m super duper excited about sour, funky and bretty beers. I just received word that the heavily awarded Logsdon Farmhouse Ales will be making their way to Hawaii very soon.

If you’re a sour/funky beer fan then you should get excited too. Logsdon crafts small batch, unique farmhouse ales out of a barn in Hood River, Oregon. Their not joking when they call their beers farmhouse. Owner Dave Logsdon is a giant in the craft beer world. He was a co-founder and the original brewer at Full Sail and then went on to open Wyeast Laboratories, which is one of the biggest yeast companies in the business. Logsdon knows a thing or two about cultivating and handling yeast, which he uses to perfection to create his signature beers.

The brewery is located on a working organic farm that also grows many of the ingredients used in the beers, like cherries for Cerasus, a barrel aged West Flanders style red ale. All of the beers are brewed using organic ingredients and house strains of yeast and bacteria.

Logsdon brews traditional Belgian style ales like Saisons, Wits, Tripels and sours. My personal favorite has always been Seizoen Bretta, a traditional farmhouse saison knocked up with a special strain of Brettanomyces that gives the beer an incredible funky tartness and provides an nice dry finish. Other variations of Bretta include Peche ´n Brett, aged with local peaches, and Oak Aged Bretta.

As soon as I know and arrival date and which beers we’ll be getting I’ll let you know. Happy funky/sour day!

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