Tiny Bubbles

Tiny Bubbles: Hawaii Beer Reads for 10/02/13


My picks of beer news from around the web that you need to read and my two cents on the topics.  Most of the time it’s Hawaii beer news topics, but every once in a while you’ll find other general beer related topics.

Maui Brewing Company Instagram – Looks like Maui Brewing Company’s Fall seasonal will be an American Brown Ale. Owner Garrett Marrero posted a picture of the new release in cans on the company’s Instagram feed with the comment “Coming soon! Lahaina Town Brown! #craftbeer limited release.” From what we can tell from the can label, it’s a 5.1% abv American Brown Ale. I’m working on getting more details. http://bit.ly/1a0aFxD

BeerPulse – New seasonal releases from importer Merchant Du Vin. Their the guys who import Samuel Smiths, Ayinger, Orval, Westmalle and a bunch of other great stuff from Europe. Hawaii normally gets a great allocation of products so we should expect to see these beers in the market soon. http://bit.ly/GzXhYG

Micro Beer Club – Here is another online retailer that claims to ship beers to Hawaii. I’m sure the shipping is outrageous, but if you’re desperate or can get a large enough group together to order in bulk, it may be worth it. http://bit.ly/15MuIgK

Brewers Association – Here’s some terminology that hits close to home. The Brewer’s Association recently updated their “position statements” on a number of issues, one of them being Transparency in Labeling. In Hawaii, there is still an ongoing battle to require breweries to accurately label where their beer is brewed. http://bit.ly/18QjUCi

The Full Pint – As if you need another reason to visit San Diego. Now those extra hours waiting in the airport will be happy ones. Stone recently opened a bar and restaurant in terminal 2 of the San Diego International Airport. http://bit.ly/15Mvw5n

Photo: Maui Brewing Company Instagram


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