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No-Li Brewhouse Beers Hit Hawaii


No-Li Brewhouse recently picked up distribution in Hawaii and their three flagship beers, Born & Raised IPA, Silent Treatment Pale Ale and Crystal Bitter ESB, are hitting shelves this week. Founded in 1993 as Northern Lights Brewery in Spokane, Washington, the brewery recently changed their name to No-Li due to a trademark issue with another brewery on the East Coast. Instead of fighting over the naming rights in court, the owners decided to just shorten the name to No-Li and move on.

Here is a quick breakdown of their three flagship beers from the No-Li website.

Born & Raised IPA: This big bold copper colored ale showcases a big malty body and sweetness contrasted against a substantial hop presence which begins in the nose, continues in the flavor and ends with a lingering hop finish. ABV-7%, IBU-80

Silent Treatment Pale Ale: Crafted in the American style using 2-row pale and crystal malts. Generously hopped, this ale utilizes Cluster and Cascade hops. Look for a rich, spicy, fruity hop bouquet and a smooth, full flavor with a crisp dry finish. ABV-5.75%, IBU-50

Crystal Bitter: (2012 GABF Gold Medal ESB) By combining elements of English, German and American brewing techniques & ingredients we have created a hybrid beer of undeniable satisfying character. This burgundy colored ale has a big herbal hop nose, assertive bitterness & complex malt flavors creating a multi-dimensional taste. It is cold filtered and lager conditioned. ABV-5.75%, IBU-45

Crystal Bitter has rung up a good amount awards and accolades in the past year and I’m really excited to see a domestic ESB in the market (they are not very common). No-Li Brewhouse was also recently listed by Draft Magazine as a brewery to watch in 2013.

Look for No-Li beers at your favorite bottle shops and better beer bars on Oahu starting this week!



2 thoughts on “No-Li Brewhouse Beers Hit Hawaii

  1. Whoa, that’s a surprise. Wonder how that came about? I used to go out of my way to bring back the Crystal Bitter from Seattle. I’ll FWD this to Lynn and Allan Spitzer; their son is at Gonzaga, and the ex-pat UH Poli-Sci prof Tom Hawley is at Eastern Washington. No reason he can’t come back now.


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