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Tiny Bubbles: Hawaii Beer Reads for 3/3/14

Honolulu Beerworks

My picks of beer news from around the web that you need to read and my two cents on the topics.  Most of the time it’s Hawaii beer news topics, but every once in a while you’ll find other general beer related topics.

Star Advertiser – If you read this blog then you’re probably already a craft beer lover. But, most of the population in Hawaii hasn’t yet come around to the party. That is changing…slowly, and there is huge potential for the growth of craft breweries. Oahu is ready and in desperate need of a craft brewery or 3 and soon enough we may see that come true. Great article by Andrew Gomes of the Star Advertiser about the new resurgence of the brewing industry in Hawaii. Small steps to a better beer future in the islands. http://bit.ly/1hCvEfZ (sorry, this is behind the Star Ads paywall, so you need an account to read it.)

Star Advertiser – You know that little extra fee you pay every time you buy a bottle of wine, beer or liquor? It’s actually a state tax that is supposed to help fund the HI-5 beverage container program. No one likes paying additional taxes and fees on products that are already heavily taxed and a recent bottle disposal fee increase has faltered in the state Legislature. The current fee was set back in 1994 and goes to local counties to fund recycling centers, but those funds get exhausted before the end of each year. So, all those bottles you are putting in your blue bin sometimes end up going right back into the landfill. Read the comments to this article for more interesting public insight.  http://bit.ly/1pWgPJ8

Pacific Business News – One of Oahu’s favorite new food/beer/cocktail spots is expanding to a second location. Pint + Jigger is expected to open a second location on Kapahulu in the former Hi Hing Plaza. The original King Street spot will continue to operate. http://bit.ly/1dUuU1h

In Honolulu – San Diego based Iron Fist Brewing Company brew master Brandon S recently made a stop in Honolulu to host a few events and sat down with In Honolulu for an interview. http://bit.ly/1cxBj1U

International Business Times – I’ve posted about Hawaii’s excise tax on beer many times. Our brewing industry is growing (as noted in the above Star Advertiser article), but the incredibly high taxes levied on the industry keeps it at a slow pace. Hawaii is already a very expensive place to operate a business because of high shipping costs, utilities and rents, but when you tack on some of the highest taxes in the nation, it makes things even harder. Here’s a great map that displays each state’s excise tax. Just think, our brewers pay a tax of $0.93 per GALLON of beer produced. http://bit.ly/1pWlVF7

Reuters – Want to buy a beer company with a Hawaiian brand in its portfolio. Reuters is reporting that Pabst, one of the oldest brewing companies in the US, is up for sale. Pabst, know best for Pabst Blue Ribbon, owns a bunch of different brands including the iconic Hawaiian beer Primo. If you’re interested, I hope you have a lot of money, since the asking price is somewhere between $500M and $1B. http://reut.rs/MJaOQ0


6 thoughts on “Tiny Bubbles: Hawaii Beer Reads for 3/3/14

  1. Great website and postings of hawaiian related beer information. I read all of your emails as well as check your website weekly for updates. I did have some questions regarding Oahu breweries if you had any information. Last May, I visited Hawaiian Island Brewing Company were BrewMoon used to be. Great mango wheat ale! But I think that they lost their lease and closed in September 2013. I also visited the Aloha Beer Company, which was awesome. I am sad to hear that they closed for construction and have not reopened. The brewpub location is closed, but are they still producing beer for retail sales of their Aloha Lager? Also, I had a chance to stop by the new Pacific Breach Brewing Company as well and taste some of their beers in 22oz bottles. Now it appears that they are closed. Do you know the status of PBBC? Closed for good? Continuing operations soon? I remember speaking to one of the owners and at that time, he was very excited for the future and adding to their existing beer lineup. I appreciate any thoughts that you can share about these once operating Oahu breweries. I will also follow the opening of the Honolulu Beerworks carefully and hope to visit this spring. Mahalo.


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