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Alaska’s Midnight Sun Brewing Company Warms Up In Hawaii

 midnight sun brewing logo 
Here’s another great addition to the beer scene in Hawaii. Midnight Sun Brewing will begin distributing to Hawaii this summer and the initial shipment is mind blowing. Along with most of the regular releases from the anchorage based brewery, we’re expecting to receive a ton of specialty releases and rare kegs. The full list is below. *note some of the beers listed below will be keg only, so keep an eye out for them on tap*

 Midnight Sun Brewing Hawaii 
Meltdown Double IPA

Modern Romance
Second Hand Smoke
Pleasure Town
Arctic Rhino Coffee Porter
Fallen Angel
Monks Mistress
Panty Peeler
I’ll Have Another 2015
Sled Run Porter
Arctic Devil Barley Wine
Termination Dust
Nitro Panty Peeler
Nitro Berserker
Nitro Modern Romance


4 thoughts on “Alaska’s Midnight Sun Brewing Company Warms Up In Hawaii

  1. Convenient!!. No longer have to carry it back from Alaska and I can polish off all the Midnight Sun in my fridge knowing more will be locally available. Looks like Denali Brewing will follow shortly.


  2. You’re halfway there. Now all you need is Anchorage Brewing to join the party. Right now, the best 1-2 punch in brewing. I’d love drinking a well made saison coming out of the water.


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