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Lagunitas Brewing Officially Coming To Hawaii


You did not misread the headline. Lagunitas Brewing Company will officially start distributing to Hawaii in early August. The nation’s fifth largest craft brewery has been growing like crazy with the addition of a huge new brewery in Chicago and another soon to be build one in Southern California.

Lagunitas is known for it’s incredibly drinkable IPA and Pils, but also for their big, bold and brash hopped up beers. You can expect to see Lagunitas IPA hitting bars in early August. At first you will only be able to find IPA in bottles and kegs at bars and restaurants (aka “on premise”.) This is commonly how Lagunitas enters a new market. There are a few mystery/special tap events taking place the first week of August that you may want to look our for (you may find some special kegs there too).

Retail distribution is planned to happen about 2-3 months after the initial draft release. Currently only IPA will be available, but we can expect to slowly see more of their styles show up and hopefully we’ll eventually have access to their full line of beers (they make a lot of bombers.)

I personally can’t wait to finally get some Brown Shugga during the holidays! Oh, and having access to Lag Pils year round will be a glorious thing!


One thought on “Lagunitas Brewing Officially Coming To Hawaii

  1. Hop Stoopid is my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! Refreshing 8% goes down easy. (“Thats what she said”)
    and have you had the Underground?? That smooth 9.3% will put you on your ass before you know it!
    Who can not miss NightTime either? Yummmmmm. Smooth and Dark!


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