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Lanikai Brewing Releases Brewers Series Number 4: Poha-Loa

Lanikai Brewing Poha Berry Blond

Lanikai Brewing Company will release its fourth Brewers Series beer this Friday, Poha-Loa, a Poha Belgium Blond Ale. This new release will be available at the Lanikai Brewing Company tasting room on Friday, from 5-9pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 12-5pm. They only tap 1 full keg per weekend and I’ve heard that it is normally gone by Saturday afternoon.

Owner and brewmaster, Steve Haumschild, describes there beer: The Poha Loa opens up with a banana-clove and finishes pineapple-orange marmalade juicy tartness with a clove-like spice and a warming dryness. The Poha Berries by themselves have hints of Orange-Pineapple on the Aroma and Pineapple-Orange marmalade, Strawberry on the taste. We used almost 1 lb/gallon of these super rare berries grown in Volcano Hawaii (by one of my neighbors). This year, the Poha harvest was slow as the increased rain washed off much of the blossoms. Poha are often used to make jams, put in salads (or makes an amazing cheesecake with lemon and lavender).

The Brewers Series are small batch beers that are released about every 3-4 weeks. Only about 8-10 kegs are produced from each batch. Previous Brewers Series beers include a POG Berliner Weisse, a wet hop pale ale, and a hibiscus honey saison.

Lanikai Brewing Poha Berry Blond


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