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What I’m Drinking with Anthony Messina – Craft Beer Ambassador for Underground Wine Merchants

Anthony Messina Underground Wine Merchants

Anthony Messina learned the ropes about the beer business while managing the beer program at Real a Gastropub. That experience allowed him to make the leap earlier this year to take on the roll of Sales Manager and Draft Technician at Underground Wine Merchants. At the small craft only distributor Anthony wears many hats, doing everything from sales calls to cleaning draft lines. He also gets to work with some of the coolest and most innovative beer brands in the world like Mikkeller, Cantillon, Heretic and Evil Twin.

With access to so many various types of beers Anthony says at the end of the day, he’s just looking for something simple and clean. Here are two go to beers he’s been revisiting on a regular basis.

Brouwerij De Brabandere Bavik Super Pils

Everyone needs something that’s light, clean, and crisp.  With the summer months right around the corner here in Hawai’i, this classic unpasteurized Belgian Pilsner weighing in at 5.2%ABV is something that I can sit down during these hot days and toss back a few.  It also pairs with almost any style of food you want to match it up against.  With the beer world evolving into who has the most hops, highest alcohol content, and barrel-aged beer, we all need something light and sessionable.  Bavik has just that!

Mikkeller Single Hop Simcoe IPA

We’re all fans of Mikkeller (well most of us) and I’m definitely willing to give his experimental brewing techniques a shot.  A single hop series IPA featuring Simcoe, which I love in my IPA’s, is a perfect match made in heaven of piney aromatics and perfect malt balance.  A 7.3%ABV IPA in a can? Yes please and thank you!


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