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What I’m Drinking with Terrance Waclawik – Director of Sales at Lanikai Brewing Company

Lanikai Brewing Terrance Waclawik

Terrance Waclawik moved to Hawaii from New Jersey in 2002 to go to school and surf. He got that degree, found plenty of surf, but also discovered a love for craft beer along the way. Since graduating from Hawaii Pacific University in 2007, Waclawik has held many jobs in the beer industry including most recently helping the small (and now closed) distribution company Craft Northwest get started up and bring in Oregon favorites like Hopworks Urban Brewery, Terminal Gravity and Worthy. He’s watched Hawaii’s craft beer scene grow from almost nothing at all a few years ago, to a city filled with beer lovers and amazing beer from all over the world.

Currently Terrance is busy running around the island selling Lanikai Brewing Company’s beers and helping to host events for the brewery. “I love that interaction with the customer. It’s not so much a sale as it is sitting down and talking story with customers. It’s that local factor and its huge for us! I’m seeing so many restaurants and bars popping up going with that farm to table menu for food that our beer fits right into their menu.  Steve’s beer is extremely food friendly and that’s what makes the selling aspect easy going and very fulfilling.” He also works directly with Lanikai’s brewmaster and CEO Steve Haumschild on production needs, forecasting volume as well as staff training and education. When you work at a small brewery, you wear a lot of hats!

Here are two beers Terrance has been diving into a lot. Give them a try if you haven’t had a chance yet.

Lanikai Brewing Company’s Don Juan – I’m a huge fan of strong ales and this beer keeps me coming back for more as it was aged in Herradura Tequila barrels. Steve, Chris, and Jeff hit the nail on the head with this beer. The maltiness is just right with the small hint of lime and cumin. I’m not a fan of spicy beers as they’re sometimes too over powering if drinking a jalapeño or habanero lager. This beer uses ajillo chilis which is a lot lighter and more subtle which helps brings out more of the oakiness from the barrel.

Ballast Point Grunion – This pale ale is something everyone needs to have in their fridge. It’s great that they’re sending this beer to Hawaii in a can now so it’s my go to beach beer. Large grapefruit/tangerine scent with a slight piney aroma. There’s a crisp malty sweetness up front with a peachy hop spice lingering in the back.

Terrance Waclawik


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