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A Few New Beer Releases to Look Out For

Haven’t done one of these in a while. Here’s a short list of some new beers that are here now and/or will be coming in soon (dates given are only estimates…shit happens so don’t hold me to them). This isn’t a comprehensive list of all the new beers and I’ll try to get another post up shortly with more new beers.

Lagunitas 12th of Never (Mid August) – The first and so far only canned beer from Lagunitas. It’s also one of the lower abv beers they make at less than 6%. I got a sample of this a few weeks back and it’s a damn good American Pale Ale. It’d hit the spot right now with this hot weather.


Coronado 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA (available now) – Don’t miss this one. First there are only about 30 cases in the state. Second, it’s really good. Everyone is always wishing they could get their hands on a Stone Enjoy By and IMO this beer is in the same ballpark. For being in the 10% range, it’s not overly malty, deceptively easy to drink and front loaded with those wonderful citrus/tropical fruit type hops that we all love!coronado 20 anniversary dipa hawaii Ballast Point Pumpkin Down (September) – Classic seasonal from BP. A pumpkin beer that isn’t big, thick and overly heavy.


Lagunitas The Down Low (available now) – An unheard of 3.9% abv beer from Lagunitas. This is a super hopped up, seasonalable pale ale with a nice touch of malt to give it some balance. They describe it as a copper ale.


Deschutes Hopzeit Autumn IPA (August’ish) – The next in Deschutes seasonal IPA series. This will replace Hop Slice (which you should try if you haven’t cause it’s great). Haven’t had this one yet, but I’m super curious to try this mash up of a traditional Marzen with a huge punch of American hops.deschutes-HOPZEIT-ipa-hawaii

Coronado Stingray IPA (early August) – Nothing new here except it’s now in cans, which seriously is so awesome for Hawaii. The more beers in cans the better…easier for me to take to the beach every weekend!

coronado-stingray-IPA-cans-hawaiiBallast Point Dead Ringer (September) – Yes, it’s only July, but we can already look ahead to the first Fall beers which means Oktoberfest beers! One of my personal favorites that comes out each year.


Ballast Point Barmy (available now) – Warning, this sounds like a killer beach beer, but it will kick your ass. 12% abv hidden in a light’ish golden ale with surprisingly vibrant notes of apricots.


Alpine Willy Vanilly (available now) – This has long been a favorite at the brewery in SD and is finally getting packaged. It’s a wheat ale, loaded up with Amarillo hops and a touch of vanilla. It is now a year round release.


Rogue Paradise Pucker (September) – Our very own, exclusive, one of-a-kind sour beer from Rogue. If you missed the draft release of this beer a few months ago, don’t worry, we’re now getting bottles. This beer will only be available in Hawaii and the original batch was co-brewed by local Paradise Beverage’s employee Thom Cornog.

Rogue Paradise Pucker Hawaii

Green Flash Sea to Sea Zwickel Lager (available now) – More cans and this one’s got a lager in it. This is an unfiltered lager (so it may not be crystal clear like you’re used to) that is hopped with classic German and Czech hops.



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