Hawaiian Beer

I’ll Take Salt In My Beer

Aloha Beer Gose

I’m not talking about salt on a Corona. No, I mean in my beer, like brewed with Hawaii ocean water.  Sound crazy? Well it’s exactly what Aloha Beer Company brewmaster Dave Campbell did for his latest special release beer, a German Gose. A Gose is a rare and almost forgotten style of beer that is actually brewed with salt. Trust me, it’s not salty and it is very refreshing. For more info and insight into this unique and special beer check out my latest column in Honolulu Magazine’s Biting Commentary.

I’ve also been told that kegs of the Gose have been delivered to Murphy’s and Real, so look for them to go on tap at both locations soon.  And you can always visit Aloha Beer on Nimitz to sample it as well.


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