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Big Island Brewhaus to Release Holy Humulus IPA in Bottles

Big Island Brewhaus Holy Humulus IPA label

UPDATE 09/12/13 – The eagle has landed. Kegs of Holy Humulus have been delivered to Pint + Jigger, Real, Murphy’s and Monkeypod Kitchen. Call them to see when they’ll be on tap. Also be on the look out for bottles at your favorite shop soon!

Who’s ready for another locally made IPA? I think I just heard a lot of people say hell yes! We’re all in luck because Big Island Brewhaus will be releasing their Holy Humulus IPA this September in 22 ounce bottles.

Brewmaster Thomas Kerns recently let me know that they are brewing a 10 barrel batch today and he’s excited to supply Hawaii with another great IPA. “Due in September our Holy Humulus IPA features 100% American whole-cone hop flowers. This beer is a definite contrast to our Overboard IPA,” says Kerns. “It offers the deep floral resins found only in using whole cone hop flowers.”

The bottle label reads:

Brewed and bottled only in Hawai’i, this special hand-crafted 22 ounce beer is meant to be shared…but of course you may not want to! Humulus Lupulus is the scientific name for hops, the wondrous flower spice of beer. Latin for “the wolf vine” this amazing plant can grow up to 12 inches a day in mid-summer.

This seasonal release IPA is brewed exclusively with American Whole-Cone Hop Flowers imparting deep floral-citrus hop resins found only in whole hop cones. These delicate flavors offer a spicy hop-forward balance to the Crystal, Munich and 2-Row malts in this beer. This tasty beer is great with rich meats, stews, burgers, and barbeques, its light caramel-malt flavors hook right into the charbroiled goodness creating harmony and contrast.

With reverence, gratitude and anticipation we say “Holy Humulus!” Unfiltered! Keep refrigerated for freshness.

Big Island Brewhaus recently won a Gold Medal for it’s Overboard IPA at the US Open Beer Championships. Be on the lookout for Holy Humulus IPA at your favorite bottle shop and bar in September!


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