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Waikiki Brewing Company Celebrates One Year

Waikiki Brewing Company IPA

Time sure flies when you’re brewing beer! It’s hard to believe, but just one year ago Waikiki Brewing Company opened their doors and started pouring some amazing beers. Needless to say, the brewery has been embraced by both locals and visitors who enjoy the open air brewery and staples like Black Strap Molasses Porter and Jalapeño Mouth Amber Ale. The brewery has grown rapidly over the past 12 months, adding more fermentation tanks, distributing beer to bars across the city and now getting ready to package in cans.

To celebrate their one year anniversary, Waikiki Brewing is throwing an all day party on Saturday, March 26th. Along with beer, food and growler specials, they’ll be releasing four rare beers. You won’t want to miss the Wild Turkey Barrel-Aged Black Strap Molasses Porter that has been aging for over 8 months, just waiting for this party. The normal parking lot will be closed off to extend the party outside from noon to 10pm (last call in the parking lot at 9:30pm). The brewpub is open regular hours for the day (11am to midnight).


$5 beers, all styles (except barleywine & barrel aged) all day! $5 burgers & $5 beer brats!

Growler hour all day! $12 fills of any style (except barleywine & barrel aged). This includes DeePah! We only do growler fills of DeePah on release day so this is the only chance, and a steal at only $12.

Four special releases:
DeePah DIPA (Double IPA)
OG:18.5 FG:1.8 ABV:9.1% IBU:100
Huge quantities of two row malt, combined with crystal and Munich malts, set the stage for this strong, highly bitter, hugely aromatic Double IPA. Between kettle additions and dry hops, a total of over 48.5 pounds of hops went into only 28 kegs of this beer! Hold on to your taste buds and enjoy responsibly; this beer is not for the faint of heart!

First Anniversary Barleywine
OG: 22 FG:4.5 ABV: 9.75% IBU 80
This huge brew filled our mash tun to its absolute capacity with Thomas Fawcett and Sons Marris Otter malt. After a lengthy fermentation, we carefully aged this strong and flavorful beer for 3 months to allow time for the big bold flavors and aromas to mellow together. This strong, sipping beer is an indulgent once a year offering, released to celebrate our anniversary.

Barrel Aged First Anniversary Barleywine
OG: 22 FG:4.5 ABV: 11%(est.) IBU 80
Our First Anniversary Barleywine aged in a fresh oak barrel from Kō Hana Agricole Rum. Tons of rum and oak aroma and flavor were imparted to the beer as it aged in the beautifully crafted Black Swan Cooperage Barrel.

Wild Turkey Barrel-Aged Black Strap Molasses Porter (AKA Steven)
OG: 15.5 FG: 2.9 ABV: 6.80% IBU: 37
Our robust Black Strap Molasses Porter aged in a wild turkey barrel for two months and lightly carbonated to allow the vanilla and oak flavors to shine through.


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