Tiny Bubbles

Tiny Bubbles: Hawaii Beer Reads for 8/04/13

Blue Moon Beer

My picks of beer news from around the web that you need to read and my two cents on the topics.  Most of the time it’s Hawaii beer news topics, but every once in a while you’ll find other general beer related topics.

The Full Pint – I geek out on beer so I tend to read every book that comes out about the topic. But Ken Grossman’s, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company founder, upcoming book “Beyond The Pale” looks like it is going to be a great read for anyone, beer geek or novice. http://bit.ly/13y64mc

CNN Money – About damn time. The Postal Service is considering shipping alcohol. Of course a 114 year old law would have to be overturned for that to happen. YES, a century’s old law still prohibits the mail man from delivering alcohol. If that isn’t proof of how crazy our system is I don’t know what does. http://cnnmon.ie/1839kpI

Bloomberg – Stick with me for a minute on this one. What is so wrong with people wanting and liking to drink Blue Moon. Hell, why would anyone care what anyone else drinks? I sure don’t. The “beer snobs” that turn their nose up on Blue Moon and any other beer are just hurting the craft movement. They are no different than the “wine snobs” that they all pretend to hate. If someone likes to drink Blue Moon then great. The drinker doesn’t care who makes it as long as it tastes good. And I personally know a ton of people who got introduced to new beer flavors through Blue Moon. I’ll stay out of the craft vs. crafty argument. Here’s MillerCoors CEO with some interesting comments on the whole issue. http://bloom.bg/16UA6zp

Beer Pulse – More Sierra Nevada release news. I’m totally excited about this new Fall seasonal. Flipside Red IPA is now a regular seasonal release for the Fall. http://bit.ly/1cB3QFY

Serious Eats – Great interview with Cam O’Conner, brewmaster at Deschutes. Not The Stoic, hell yes, bring that on. http://bit.ly/12SdFOh

Examiner – This is an article EVERYone involved in beer in Hawaii should read. Understanding the direct relationship between heat and beer freshness is critical. Charlie Papazian explains why it is so important to properly store and transport beer. If you don’t feel like reading the whole article then at least takeaway this one fact: “Heat has a profound impact on chemical reactions. A reaction will go two to three times faster for every 18°F (10°C) increase in temperature. Put into the context of flavor life, a beer that will last 3 months at “classic” room temperature 68°F (20°C) will last only 1 month at 86°F (30°C)” http://exm.nr/1b595MH


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