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Maui Brewing Company Kihei Location Update Part 1

Maui Brewing Company Kihei Brewery

Things have been very busy at Maui Brewing Company’s new Kihei location. Since groundbreaking in July, owner Garrett Marrero has kept MBC fans up to date on the progress of the new brewery, tasting room and brew pub via his Instagram and YouTube accounts. The new location sits on 5.3 acres. The new brewhouse will be approximately 28,000 square feet along with an 8,000 brewpub/tasting room and corporate offices. The brewery and tasting room is slated for completion in July 2014, while the brewpub will open sometime in 2015. The current Kahana brewpub will remain open even after the new location opens.

Marrero anticipates the new brewery will be able to produce 45,000 barrels in it’s first year and there is plenty of space to expand. The added capacity will be used to meet increased demand for Maui Brewing Company’s current flagship beers (Big Swell IPA, Bikini Blonde, and CoCoNut PorTeR) as well as add new seasonal beers. A separate smaller brewing system will turn out special beers for the brewpub.

The new location will also include a slew of environmentally conscious features from PV parking lot lighting, Electric Vehicle charging stations, solar thermal water, led lighting and more.  Marrero says “it’s the right thing to do and it’s also fiscally responsible.” The total time invested in the new project, from conception to completion, will be over 2 years at an estimated to cost of close to $15 million. The new brewpub and brewery will add close to 80 new jobs.

For those who haven’t kept up with Garrett’s Instagram posting, I’ve compiled the progress here. The barren plot of land has quickly been transformed to a massive construction site with a lot of concrete.

2/15/13 – Plans and schematic reviews for the new brewery

6/22/13 – The new brewhouses in California

7/18/13 – The new brewhouses

7/23,24/13 – The groundbreaking and golden shovel

7/31/13 – The beginning


8/12/13 – unloading 250 barrel fermentation vessels

8/21/13 – Prepping the site

9/4/13 – Retention basin

10/21/13 – The site

11/7/13 – A view from above



11/25/13 – Foundation work

12/4/13 – Parking lot curbs

12/6/13 – The new brewhouse in San Diego

12/9/13 – Concrete! Pouring the slab

12/19/13 – Centrifuge foundation starting to get set for pouring into concrete. This will be the primary filtering for beer. And Parking Lot

12/21/13 – Pouring the foundation 400 yards, 40 trucks, 1 every 6 minutes.

12/30/13 – Electric car charging stations

1/1/14 – The parking lot

1/3/14 – Solar panels in the parking lot

1/7/14 – pouring wall panels

1/15/14 – Lifting 30 ton concrete walls into place


6 thoughts on “Maui Brewing Company Kihei Location Update Part 1

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  2. Congratulations!…looks like the time has come for Maui Brewing Company.
    Great to see this environmentally friendly business being built from the ground up. Lots of young energy and successful track record on island to build upon.
    The other Maui Breweries I remember… Klink’s German Brewery where the Wailuku Post Office now stands, and Heinz Gerner’s Brewery at the ole Hapa’s location in Lipoa Center, Kihei (now home to the Kihei Charter School). Actually they were both German owners. Interesting.
    MENU MAGAZINE should be doing a story on this soon.


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