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Maui Brewing Company Kihei Brewery Update Part 2

It’s been a little over a year since the groundbreaking of the new Maui Brewing Company production facility in Kihei, Maui. It’s amazing how quickly the massive new brewery and tasting room have come up. The 50 barrel brewery is slated to open this October along with full tasting room. The brewpub at the same location will be completed later in 2015. Luckily for Maui Brewing fans, owner Garrett Marrero has been documenting the entire building process with his iPhone and posting updates to Instagram.

A couple of pretty cool bits about the new brewery:

  • 3400+ cubic yards of concrete were poured
  • 10,000+ ft of air line
  • 9000+ ft of stainless steel piping
  • 20,000+ ft of electrical and control wire

You can check out the first half of the building process here.


1/23/14  – Walls up

1/29/14 – Steel supports

2/7/14 – Marrero update

2/11/14 – Lots of steel need to support this building

2/13/14 – Greg Koch from Stone and Mike Hinkley from Green Flash visit the construction site

2/14/14 – Picking the finishes

3/4/14 – Pouring more concrete for fermentors. Yes, outside…the benefits of jacketed tanks to control temperatures

3/11/14 – Interiors coming together

3/15/14 – Growler lights for the tasting room

3/17/14 – That looks like one heavy roof

3/24/14 – MBC logo forever etched in stone

3/25/14 – The Brewpub side (which will open after the production brewery)

3/28/14 – The interior

4/3/14 – Paint

4/16/14 – Grain silos go up

5/13/14 – The Big Ass Fan (yes that is the actual name of the thing). If you want to see one on Oahu head over to Honolulu Beerworks.

5/20/14 – Fermentors set in place outside

5/21/14 – A lot of stainless

6/3/14 – Busy work site

6/5/14 – Cold rooms galore

6/9/14 – Centrifuge = clear beer

6/10/14 – That thing is going to spin a lot of beer

6/12/14 – Big coolers

6/24/14 – 50 barrel lauter ton

7/1/14 – Remember I mentioned a ton of stainless

7/2/14 – Piecing together a giant puzzle

7/3/14 – Gotta get to the top of those tanks somehow

7/5/14 – Signing Senate Bill 3042 into act. No limits on growth now.

7/8/14 – The machine that fills those cans

7/16/14 – Inside getting closer

7/22/14 – Rows of tanks

8/22/14 – Exterior glass goes in

8/22/14 – Tired of seeing stainless?

9/3/14 – Bigger brewery = a lot of new kegs = good problems

Hopefully the next post will be of the grand opening!


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