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What I’m Drinking with Brad Miller – Beverage Manager Monkeypod Kitchen

Brad Miller Hawaii

For this ‘What I’m Drinking’ I caught up with Brad Miller, the Beverage Manager for Monkeypod Kitchen. Both beers can be found pretty easily, though they are both in limited supply. Breakside’s Passionfruit Sour is a seasonal release and Terminal Gravity will no longer be distributed in Hawaii.

Breakside Passionfruit Sour AleBreakside Passionfruit Sour: This was one of my favorite beers last time it came around, so I was stoked to see it come back recently.  The passionfruit is not overstated and as a flavor seems like a no brainer in a sour.  In the style of a Berliner weisse, this sour wheat is great with all kinds of food, but is good enough to drink alone.

Terminal Gravity Brewing Pale Ale

Terminal Gravity Traditional Style Pale Ale: This beer is my favorite in their line up and I hope to convince them to bring more back to the island.  This Pale Ale sets itself apart from the pack by leaning more towards the British side with a lot of earth, spice and a hint of nuttiness that makes for a rich complex and very drinkable pale. (***If you’re interested in trying this beer go find it now. It will no longer be distributed in Hawaii so stocks are limited.***)


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