Hawaiian Beer

Pacific Breach Releases Chocolate Stout


Oahu based Pacific Breach Brewing recently announced it’s limited release Chocolate Stout.  This 8.25% abv stout was brewed using local Oahu grown cacao and aged for 3 months.   Chocolate stout is a double chocolate stout that has a smooth warm feeling with toasty dark chocolate flavor and resinous hints of black current and date and a woodsy oak barrel aged flavor at the finish.

“This was made as a labor of love. After a full 30 days of fermentation, we added 10 lbs of Oahu chocolate beans to the fermenter and let it age for 45 days before we carbonated and bottled this delightfully full flavored stout!” stated Pacific Breach head brewer Brian Paisley.

Currently Pacific Breach Chocolate Stout can only be found at Liquor Collection in Ward Warehouse, but will be released to other locations later this month.


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