Tiny Bubbles

Tiny Bubbles: Hawaii Beer Reads for 7/24/13


My picks of beer news from around the web that you need to read and my two cents on the topics.  Most of the time it’s Hawaii beer news topics, but every once in a while you’ll find other general beer related topics.

The Full Pint – Maui Brewing Company breaks ground on it’s new Kihei brewing facility. The new brewery will have a 50,000 barrel a year capacity! Check out that golden shovel. http://bit.ly/13Ew2E7

Star Advertiser – My first monthly column in the Honolulu Star Advertiser. Each month I’ll be exploring the world of craft beer and breaking it down to help more people take the plunge into good beer. First up, ales and lagers. Simple, but many people don’t know what the difference is or that there are more lagers out there than (insert favorite macro American lager here).  http://bit.ly/18DdBnS

Honolulu Magazine – Plan on attending this weekends Real Beer Festival? Here’s my survival guide…and some helpful information on how to best enjoy what will be an awesome day! http://bit.ly/12LTUm8

Beer Pulse – Last week I was complaining (whining really) about Green Flash’s expansion into new states. Well, maybe they heard my rants (highly doubt it though). Here Green Flash co-founder Mike Hinkley tells Beer Pulse that they are exploring how to properly get beer to Hawaii and their plans to be in 48 states by the end of 2013. http://bit.ly/169KG50

The Atlantic – Most populous country = largest potential market for craft beer. Makes sense to me. Seems like the Chinese have a growing taste for the good stuff. http://bit.ly/17DLjVZ

Photo: Maui Brewing Company Instagram


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