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Maui Brewing Company Kihei Brewery Update Part 3

After over a year of construction and many more of planning, Maui Brewing Company is nearly complete with its impressive new brewing facility in Kihei, Maui. The massive 50 barrel brewery, along with tasting room and soon to be completed restaurant is now the largest brewery in the state. The brewery has begun operations and was recently blessed in a traditional Hawaiian ceremony. The tasting room is slated to open to the public very soon serving up a slew of beers brewed on site. The restaurant are scheduled to be completed later in 2015.

You can catch up on the past two posts here and here.

9/11/14 – Huge grain silos can hold a lot of malt

9/25/14 – Little details

10/9/14 – Kihei gets pretty hot. Shade is needed.

10/16/14 – Tasting room patio

10/22/14 – Canning lines are sexy

10/28/14 – The tasting room bar

11/12/14 – Ever wonder how beer gets from keg to tap?

11/15/14 – The bar

11/19/14 – The bar four days later

11/25/14 – The bar with a top

12/12/14 – Let there be kegs

12/13/14 – The Blessing

More photos from the blessing ceremony by Maui photographer Bryan Berkowitz


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